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Values & Culture

Our culture ensures that we have an environment which promotes intellectual rigor, acceptance of diversity and encouragement to challenge the status quo... With every stakeholder having their share of voice in mindfield it calls for a super engaged team which delivers exceptional results and talent solutions for our clients and candidates. What makes us tick...



We have adopted the Fish! Philosophy in line with our mission to provide an excellent professional experience to all our stakeholders. Professionalism is not the job you do, but how you do it. Hence a job done with a dose of passion begets you a better professional outcome. The introduction of an open culture of jovial peer-to-peer interaction in-house invokes creative sentiments and fosters a renewed commitment amongst the workforce. This brings forth a better connected team, motivated service and higher retention rates in the broader perspective. It's what Fish! Philosophy is all about, enjoying what you do!



What drives us?

Play is our culture cornerstone... In effect it means we have complete understanding of our work, its ups and downs, highs and lows which enables us to bring a state of mind to the table which is positive, happy and solution seeking. The most mundane of tasks can be done without any angst as we are looking at the bigger picture. Our "fun" element is core to us as MFR people… It helps us deliver in the most adverse of situations, it helps create an energy which helps us think in and out of the box.


Be There... In our world where we are dealing with human interactions and expectations at different levels, continuously changing landscape with the additional buzz being created by social media. The demands on time and share of throat being a constantly under pressure we have ensured that we prioritize and have meaningful interactions with internal and external stakeholders. Our responsiveness to candidate pool is ranked extremely by Linkedin, we have relationships with our stakeholders which span over the past 15 years and we continue to "be there".


Choose Your Attitude... We are what we choose to be! and we choose to be Positive, empowered, super energized people who respond positively to the challenges that the day may present. Each day will brings its celebratory moments and some not so celebratory. How we choose to respond to the not so celebratory moments is what makes a difference to who we are and how we deliver.


Make Their Day... At mindfield we think this is about appreciating the "unique you". It could be something as simple as a big smile and a howdy to the security guard at the office entrance instead of running past him with your laptop bag in tow... Spontaneous or planned eventually it has become a part of the mindfield DNA which helps us locking in how you are different, what unique capabilities do you bring to the table, where and which environment would suit you best... We cannot do this.. if we don't engage with our stakeholders at a deeper level.


To summarize it our state of play is all about facilitating and seeking the best solutions for our stakeholders. We have successfully delivered on the same by imbibing the above four mantras where is it all about YOU whether on a personal or an enterprise level.


Our Four Core Values

1. Choose Your Attitude
2. Trust and Integrity
3. Intellectual Agility
4. Ownership Through Partnership