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Talent Acquisition

The most important aspect of any organization is its Human Capital. Recruitment is about developing a capable talent pipeline for this Human Capital.


Talent can be nurtured and developed into a passion which when translated to a job, would give you the most self-motivated individual. That's when play and work would coexist. And this is the kind of talent that we would seek for our clients people who can add value and make a difference!


We work on the premise that usually the best people are already recruited! Therein starts the extremely exciting game of identifying and head hunting the potential talent best suited for our client's needs. Working across different countries, we have managed to amass a qualitative database, which is effective in supporting different functional areas like sales, marketing, general management, finance and other specialized verticals, especially from the mid to senior management level.


While we are capable of resourcing for different verticals, our core passion lies in the FMCG, IT & TELECOM, RETAIL and ENGINEERING. In these verticals our clients range from world renowned organizations, to the large local groups in different countries.


Our in depth expertise in this field has honed us with the intuitive senses and strategies required to recognize the perfect skill fit to the job, from a global and regional based talent bank. Our Candidate Retention is 99% over last 10+ years… Our responsiveness is ranked extremely high by LinkedIn. We refresh your data and retain with your concurrence.


What we offer under the Talent Acquisition umbrella are:


Executive Search

Handled directly by our partners, Executive Search at CxO & +1 levels or for specific SME roles is done through our extensive network. Our courting practices over 10+ years enable us to reach out to many top level potential candidates, many of whom are not active on social media. Our consultants invest time, in providing CV writing support aided by our state of the art parsing software, articulating their career goals & motivations, enabling us to get the right fit based on your cultural requirements. We also ensure personality testing and background checks prior to submissions for all CxO & +1 level.



Handled by a team of our consultants with a dedicated Account Manager. Usually deployed for multi-incumbent and mid-management roles. Our consultants have extensive social media network and also leverage referrals to connect the right talent. Going beyond the CV's, our account managers ensure quality, consistency and a profile assessment of every candidate.


Talent Mapping

Having successfully executed several assignments in AMEA for our fortune 500 and local clients, we believe we have built capabilities in this area. We leverage our databases and knowledge management processes to keep our information base updated and our partners personally drive each assignment.