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Project Recruitment

Organizations can have specific needs which arise from new market expansion, acquisitions, new business line, transitions within the business. At mindfield we have executed projects which have been tailor made to address the client's needs and deliver high results within a stipulated time frame.


Talent Mapping

Mapping and engaging with pre specified professionals in certain functional areas across multiple markets to provide client an overview of the market dynamics, talent pool, their equity within the parameters of the search and presented a list of candidates relevant to the company culture and the strategic intent of the organization. Intense exercise with positive impact on ROI for all stakeholders. 


Employer Value Proposition

We have leveraged our experience and relationship network to be able to engage with "high potential" professionals and get them aligned to our client organization. This was delivered through creating the right communication and bringing forth the EVP of our clients before the targeted talent pool. This is extremely helpful for niche hiring needs.


Co-Branding & Management

This approach has been heavily relied upon when clients have faced the need for mass hiring across the mid management level in multiple markets or have faced some resistance from talent pool on assumed attrition or have generally faced an equity erosion in the talent pool across the regions. We have partnered with our clients to "refresh" the employer equity, engage in multiple hiring across vast geographies and deliver high quality results in a time bound manner. 


Driving Diversity Agenda

Delivered specific KPIs shared by clients to address the need for diversity of gender, thought and nationality.


Graduate & Management Trainee Recruitment

We have successfully partnered our clients in hiring the right talent to be the future leaders in their organizations. 


Localization Drive

At mindfield we have helped our client's engage with the native talent specifically in the GCC countries and Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia and South Africa.