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Pause and Play..

Posted Date : 15-10-2019

As the year draws towards a close I was thinking about the waves and the troughs of the diverse markets that we oversee. The dizzying pace of change, numerous factors coming at one with lightening speed ...and it came to me that through all this one thing that stood out was my newly discovered love of golf and how it added value to my life and to my "thought process"...to pause and play is the only way.


After nearly three decades of playing cat and mouse with my golf obsessed father ..I trundled down to the course with him on a sunny February afternoon. Truth be told ...Read More

Diversity and Inclusion

Posted Date : 09-07-2018

Diversity! Diversity! Diversity!... Partnering a myriad of multinationals, large regional players across the Middle East and Africa region provides for very interesting insights and questions that should be asked and answered.


…Do we realise the impact of NOT seeding diversity of thought and perspective in our building blocks?

…Do we realise the impact of NOT building diversity of race, nationality and religious/social groups?


I think a business case should be made about why Diversity in all its hues is important for each a...Read More

Nigeria be like this...

Posted Date : 20-06-2018

Nigeria as experienced by us…

After many years of having put off travel to Africa, due to work exigencies true or assumed … we finally nailed down a date to travel to Lagos in February of 2018. It had been nearly ten years since my first placement with PepsiCo in Nigeria which started our African love story…while we had heard the myriad of stories over the years about the safety and security issues on the ground we went ahead with our plans with great aplomb. When you have been recruiting for two decades in the emerging market space you do separ...Read More

Measuring Talent Acquisition

Posted Date : 24-07-2017

As I sit back after a long career in the corporate world covering the Middle East, Africa, APAC and India I see the transformation that has taken place in the talent acquisition function. Being an advisor and consultant to various high profile organizations I am privy to a lot of thoughts that fly around the board rooms. One that I am picking up today is the challenge that businesses face with regards to their talent. An ongoing challenge to say the least. Something that I have always advocated (and tried to practice)… Strategic approach to long term investments and integrating finan...Read More