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Need Analysis Mapping

Capturing the critical Training Needs of the human capital of the organization for developing the right capabilities in order to meet the organizational requirements and delivering on the business goals is the key process and dimension of people development. While the importance of this process is finally getting the recognition from the training planners, the approach generally is limited to collating the same through the performance appraisal process which at best of the times may not be very effective.

In order to take a holistic approach, training needs have to be captured at different levels viz:

  • Organizational Level
  • Group or Team Level
  • Individual Level

A number of tools and techniques have been perfected in last few decades to make this process effective and aligned to the business and organizational goals. Mindfield through its expert consultants helps its client organizations in deploying the most effective approach for capturing its training needs and links it to the key capabilities to be built across the organization aligned to the business and organization.

In House Training Process Map